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These kits are an amazing value, and a great way try our best selling products. The Hydrogold Cream Kit:

HG Cream 50g: This cream product provides deep skin lightening and brightens the complexion. The product works to provide no patches of dark and bright areas, ensuring that skin is uniformly even. It lightens knees, elbows, and knuckles with time. You will see fast lightening that will look natural.

Natural beauty   50g: Intense and effective approach to lighten and brighten skin.

FREE Lightdration mask 15g: This fast absorbing, purifying mask contains squalene and argan oil. This mask is ideal for all skin types, but particularly for dull looking skin.

This product contains steroids, for a steroid-free version please opt for Hydrogold Lotion.


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The sun will darken your skin,  SPF 50 is a must to keep your desired color. If you re-darken from the sun, continue using cream until you reach your desired color again, which comes back fast. This product contains high-end ingredients for lightening of the skin. You'll love your results!

Hydrogold Cream: Apply twice daily, best used after a bath.

Natural beauty: Apply twice daily, best used after a bath.

Lightdration mask: Apply mask 2-3 times a week