Product Tips

Product Tips

Why choose us?

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I was more concerned about my customers being happy with the 97% natural ingredients, they will use on their skin. I believe the ideal lightening product is the one loaded with anti-oxidants, amino acids, anti-inflammatory, botanical extracts, vitamins and fatty acids. Ingredients that not only lighten the skin but nourishes it. My skincare line has them all. It took me 2 long years of trial and error, to develop a line that I am completely satisfied with. My thought was if I did not come up with something for my skin nobody would. So, I take a lot of pride in the superior quality of my line.

You may ask what makes my line different from the rest. I make sure work areas are germ, bacteria and mold free. I ensure to pay attention to all details.

There are certain ingredients you will not find in our line:
– Mineral oil
– Petrolatum
– Lanolin
– Isopropyl mysistate
– Parabens
– Sodium lauryl Sulfate
– Acetone
– Colorants (only fruit extracts for color)

Give me a try, I cannot promise a change in your skin the next day after you use my product. I can however promise that in just 4 weeks, I guarantee you will notice a difference. I have people stopping some of my clients even guys asking them if they can get some for their wives to use. Now how many times do guys stop and ask a lady that?

This is what you will notice after just 4 weeks of use:
– Bright, even skin tone
– Glowing skin
– Radiance in your overall skin tone
– Skin smooth to touch
– No need for foundation or powder
– Youthful looking skin through superior moisturizing and skin retexturising effect

In just 4 weeks your skin will feel, as if you spent hours perfecting your whole face!

Product Tips

Please know that using lightening products is not a one time process, be patient. It takes many applications to lighten the skin. You have to take into factor the color of your skin and what you want to achieve. Be realistic about what you want. I had darker skin to begin with so it took a month to see results. Research tells us that it takes around 28 days for the skin to shed old cells. Be wary of products that promise results in a day or two, who knows what else is added to these products.

These tips are essential in conjunction with the lightening process:

Cleansing: Proper cleansing will removes dirt and make-up from the skin and make way for actives ingredients to penetrate and do their jobs.

Toner: Will help remove any residual build up from the cleanser or make-up that may be left on the skin and balances the skins Ph.

In order for products to be effective you have to use them twice a day AM & PM

Do not push your skin too hard that may interfere with the progress. So be good to your skin. Scrubbing it too hard will not make a difference. You end up doing more harm than good.

Use mask to remove layers of dead cell from the skin , therefore allowing new layer of skin to develop. So the skin underneath is fresh, smooth and healthier skin.

After you shower, damp dry your skin with moisture still on your skin,then apply your lotion.This allows the lotion to absorb,and I notice its economical as you only need less lotion,also you can spray some toner on your skin to lock in moisture.

Always use products on clean skin,to allow skin to receive any thing you put on.

Don’t neglect the neck area! Sometimes you see someone with bright face, and the rest of their body does not match the face, like the ear, hands and hairline. So pull your hair back and use the product around there.

I think we are blessed with skin that provides us with many advantages like sun protection and slow signs of aging, However, we are also susceptible to patches of discoloration, blotchy and dark marks that can makes us look old. In my opinion hyper pigmentation ages us also. That is the reason some of us use these products, I know this is the reason I do.

Do not apply product on cuts or rashes that courses your skin to irritate.

Always store bottles in cool, dry and dark a way from excessive heat, If not stored properly some products may lose their effectiveness.

Do not over exfoliate, it can leave your skin irritated, dry red and prone to sun damage .

Of course let us not not forget the SPF. Even in a moderate climates we are asked to wear sun protection, especially when using lighters. Even the UVA’s that filters through your window is enough to cause damage.